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KHM-1215 / 1217 (OA Cylinder)

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Flatbed Heat Transfer Machine (KHM-1215 OA Cylinder/1217 OA Cylinder), which features the state of the OA cylinder system.  Specifically designed for the new technology of digitally printed dye sublimation heat transfer, using inkjet and electrostatic printers.  Each machine accurately transfers images produced using dye sublimation ink to flexible or rigid materials including glasses, acrylics, leathers, woods, metals, fabrics, and others.  And the system is an ideal production tool for high-resolution graphics on a variety of materials.  The machine features include compact-sized machines and a simple setup, an easy-to-use control panel an automatic cooldown timer, and one set transformation from sheet to sheet transferring.


KHM-1215(OA Cylinder)

  • Power: 21KW
  • Power Supply: 230V/380V 3P
  • Working Width: 1,200mm x 1,500mm
  • Temp.: 0~230
  • Weight: 1.8ton
  • Dimension: (W x L x H) 2,300mm x 3,300mm x 1,300mm

KHM-1217(OA Cylinder)

  • Power: 22KW
  • Power Supply: 230V/380V 3P
  • Working Width: 1,200mm x 1,700mm
  • Temp.: 0~230
  • Weight: 2.2ton
  • Dimension: (W x L x H) 2,500mm x 3,300mm x 1,300mm

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